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  • What does PHIX stand for?
    PHIX stands for what we stand for: Playfulness, Happiness, Inclusivity, Expression. It's important to us that our brand represents not just a great product, but a feeling. When our kids wear PHIX, we want them to feel light and playful. We want the scents to spark memories of happiness and simple times. We encourage sharing and trading, and our hair ties are for ALL kids, not just girls. And as our kids watch us run this business, we want to demonstrate that creativity brings great reward, that no answer is wrong when you're making something, and that expressing yourself in a positive way just always feels good.
  • How are the hair ties scented?
    While we can't tell you exactly how we do it (trade secret!), we will tell you that we only use materials that are Phthalate Free, Paraben Free, SLS + SLES Free, Vegan and Cruelty Free (not tested on animals).
  • How long does the scent last?
    You can expect your hair ties to keep their scent for about a month. However, you can prolong the life of your hair tie by storing it in the bag it came in- they lock in scent! A word of caution- keep your PHIX hair ties out of the pool because chlorine will kill the scent quicker.
  • How do I take care of my hair ties?
    To get the ultimate PHIX, store your hair ties in the bag they came in. And keep them away from chlorinated pools and hot tubs- that kills the scent!
  • I have food allergies! Are the hair ties safe for me?
    Because we use the most natural methods possible, some allergens may transfer to the hair ties. We will always list cross contaminators in the product descriptions.
  • What happens if my hair ties break?
    If you have breakage within the first month of purchase, please email with a photo and we will send you a replacement, free of charge.
  • These hair ties smell good enough to eat.... can I?
    NO! PHIX scented hair ties smell delicious but are for external use only, and not safe for consumption.
  • What is your refund policy?
    We do not offer refunds on our hair ties, but if you have a problem with the product, please email us at within one month of purchase and we will gladly replace your item. Shipping costs are non refundable.
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