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What’s Your Aesthetic? Unlock Your Signature Style with phix.

Updated: Sep 21, 2023

Are you ready to take your hair game to the next level? We're here to spill the scented tea on the most irresistible hair accessories that match your unique aesthetic. Whether you're rocking the Soft Girl vibes or embracing the enchanting Cottagecore aesthetic, phix Your Hair has the perfect scented hair ties for you. And we've linked to our site and Amazon for you below!

1. For the Clean Girl Classic - Clean

Like to keep it fresh and minimal? Our Clean scented hair ties bring a burst of invigorating cleanliness to your every style. These ties not only hold your hair in place but also leave it smelling as if you just stepped out of a spa. Keep your minimalist low bun and slicked back style crisp and confident with Clean!

2. Embrace Your Whimsical Soft Girl Sweetness with Cotton Candy

Keeping it sweet and feminine? Cotton Candy scented hair ties are your go-to! The pastel colors keep things light and easy, and the fruity scent adds a touch of sweetness to your aura. Rock those pastel hues and channel the cuteness factor with hair that smells as delightful as it looks. Get ready to charm the world, one hair tie at a time!

3. Dive into Cottagecore with Lavender

Lavender fields and rustic charm – that's the essence of Cottagecore. Our Lavender scented hair ties are the perfect match. Capture the essence of a calm countryside with hair that not only looks lovely but also wafts the soothing aroma of lavender. Embrace the Cottagecore magic and let your hair tell a fragrant tale.

4. Get Preppy with Rosemary Mint

Rosemary Mint scented hair ties are the definition of preppy feels. With a dash of sophistication and a hint of minty freshness, these must-have hair ties are the ideal companion for that polished look with an effortless feel. Whether you're heading to school or a classy event, your hair will definitely tip the charm scale.

5. Show off your Booksmarts with Bubble gum

Bubble Gum scented hair ties bring a playful twist to your academic flair. Unleash your inner intellect while adding a pop of color and fun fragrance. These ties are perfect for those study sessions or when you're feeling a bit whimsical. Get ready to ace the style game!

Your hair is your canvas, and part of your aesthetic. With scented hair ties, you can add a signature scent to the already popular looks you've seen online- just a perfect IRL perk! Whether you're Clean, Soft, Cottagecore, Preppy, or all about Academia, there's a scented tie that perfectly complements your vibe. Elevate your style and immerse yourself in a world of scents and aesthetics.

What is your aesthetic? We want to know!

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