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phix Teams Custom Orders

You asked, we delivered! phix is delighted to offer custom colors for your favorite team, squad or camp.


express yourself

Show your team spirit and pride through color AND scent! With phix custom orders, you call the shots. Choose from mini packs (4 hair ties) or full size packs (9 hair ties) to share and wear. Match team colors and pick your favorite scent too!

how it works

  • Pick two colors and one scent from our order form.

  • Choose between mini packs (4 hair ties) or full size packs (9 hair ties). We have a $100 minimum for custom orders.

  • You will receive an invoice via email, and once paid, we will begin processing your order. 

  • Lead time is 2-3 weeks.


choose from 21 Colors 

Black, White, Tan, Light Pink, Hot Pink, Red, Maroon, Orange, Light Yellow, Dark Yellow, Mint Green, Emerald Green, Moss, Teal, Light Blue, Bright Blue, Navy, Light Purple, Dark Purple, Brown

choose from 9 Scents

Birthday Cake, Bubble Gum, Clean, Cotton Candy, Lavender, Mountain Air, Pear Vanilla, Rosemary Mint, Strawberries and Cream

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